Moken Ticket Redemption System has been temporarily closed due to a problem. You can send ticket to use Moken Ticket Redemption System until the system open again.

[How to use Moken Ticket]

1) Put your Moken Ticket to your Vault.

2) Click here and use format below:

Ticket Title: Moken Ticket Refunding

Who did you get your Moken Ticket from?: [Character Name]

#Moken Ticket to Change: 2

Moken Amount you get: 1600

Your Moken Ticket will be removed and Bonus Moken will be applied to your account after we examine your ticket.

Please note that we will perform this process only in our working hours.

*P.S: Moken you purchased with Moken Ticket is equal to Bonus Moken and you have to spend it in 90 days!

Thank you.